Dr. Benzion Giertz

The Dialogue Circle

Dr. Benzion Giertz investigates and analyzes relational systems and connect people by The Dialogue Circle method

Nice to get acquainted

For 20 years I researched, studied, taught, and documented the method that helped me get back on my feet and rebuild my life.

Finally, I detailed my method in my Ph.D. dissertation and named it:  The Circular Dialogue.

Since then, my focus has been to share my knowledge and tools with audiences of all kinds in Israel and around the world.

The Dialogue Circle is a versatile, educational, practical tool that allows you to rise above all lacks and reach new levels of connection with people.

I invite you to explore, deepen, and ask.

The Dialogue Circle

"Wherever there are people, better connection is needed"

What do you do when you are completely broken?  Or, from another perspective, get the chance to start your life anew?  Discover my life story and practical experience with the Dialogue Circle method.  Lecture and workshop for private organizations and events.

Training tools for managers.  Workshops and training in the Dialogue Circle method to improve the atmosphere and results in the workplace and for employees in any field.

Biography and Experience

Hosting programs and interviews on Kabbalah, science, and the meaning of life.  It was fascinating…

Articles and posts I write on current affairs, and personal stories from daily life about the experience of Circular Dialogue.

An essential part of my journey was the dozens of books I edited.  Enjoy them too.


What is a person looking for? To live a life without struggle, at rest, in harmony, if possible without sudden changes, obstacles, struggles, simply a successful routine. What we call ‘happiness’.

But in practical life, we see the exact opposite – how many obstacles do we encounter to get what we want? How many unexpected problems pop up out of nowhere? And why is this all happening? Is there a way that you can overcome obstacles once and for all, or at the very least know how to deal with them?

These are the fundamental questions that the circular dialogue deals with. You are welcome to join the conversation 🙂

I will be happy to answer any questions