Dr. Benzion Giertz

The Dialogue Circle

Individual and Social Benefits of Circular Dialogue Education

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“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

The Circular Dialogue technique is the primary educational tool employed in the framework of a life-altering educational curriculum for the integral 21st Century world, life-altering on both the individual and societal levels.  Application of the Circular Dialogue tool to the real-life challenges we face in the globalized 21st Century, profoundly changes the life experience of those exposed to it and who enact its principles through facilitation of a profound shift in essential worldview.

Participants in extended Circular Dialogue training feel that substantial and authentic change is achievable in their specific life circumstances and in the entire larger reality around them. Through implementation of Circular Dialogue training, students discover the solutions to the problems affecting their lives and plaguing the world. The benefits summarized here have been both observed in Circular Dialogue participants over years of experience with the technique, as well as being self-reported by thousands of training participants.

Individual Benefits of Circular Dialogue Training

  • Enriched knowledge and expanded perception of the world.
  • Development of an improved scale of values.
  • Enhanced ability to adapt to change.
  • New skillset for personal introspection.
  • Heighted knowledge of individual uniqueness and how to apply use it effectively.
  • Instilled sense of belonging and security.
  • Deepened sense of responsibility and mutual contribution.
  • New skills for forming and participating in collaborative relationships.
  • Improved resourcefulness and problem-solving facility.
  • Increased sense of equality.
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • Development of increased self-discipline.
  • Augmented ability to listen to others and to demonstrate patience and tolerance.
  • Expanded sensation of self-worth.
  • Acquisition of behavioral regulation skill to control of inborn behavioral impulses.
  • Comprehension of the concept of mutual guarantee and its value for life improvement.
  • Development of high-level creativity that encourages non-mechanical approach to challenges.
  • Creation of a feeling of satisfaction, contentment and joy.

Social Benefits of Circular Dialogue Training

The widespread implementation of Circular Dialogue training will allow humanity to build of a sustainable society of mature, developed and enlightened individuals. The characteristics of such a cooperative society will guarantee a life of peace and security for all. The new integral society grounded on mutually responsible behavior and worldview will allow each member to feel both unique in quality and contribution, yet equal in opportunity for self-realization. The type of integral society that will be produced according to the principles of Circular Dialogue training is a sustainable society that can harmoniously coexist within nature as a helpful and happy contributor.

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