Dr. Benzion Giertz

The Dialogue Circle

How Circular Dialogue Came to Be

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“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”  ― Thomas Paine

At the onset of the Financial Crisis of 2008, the flashpoint of the global crisis, I recognized in the unprecedented world developments qualitative markers expounded upon throughout the wisdom of Kabbalah.  I had been a serious student of Kabbalah for more than 20 years, working closely with my teacher in editing, reviewing, transcribing and compiling books on Kabbalah all the way through to printing and publishing.  I, therefore, took it upon myself to investigate the prescriptive advice contained within the wisdom, to identify complementary perspectives in other disciplines, and to synthesize and adapt them into a coherent strategy and educational method to offer humanity a light at the end of the tunnel of global crisis.  My purpose was to hasten the evolution of the human species toward a better collective existence.

In my role as lead investigator on numerous books, combined with my original insights and elaborations, I synthesized and adapted theoretical principles from the wisdom of Kabbalah, investigated additional inclusion and communication theories of luminaries such as Buber and Bohm, as well as principles of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing, among other sources, into an overarching contemporary educational theory and structured educational curriculum of which the Circular Dialogue technique is an integral component.

Human beings have evolved sufficiently over the span of history to be capable of the internal discernments necessary for individual and collective transformation.  The conditions of global crisis manifesting today necessitate a fundamental reeducation of humanity for a new perception of reality in which individuals recognize themselves as unique integral components of one single global society.

Globalization has indeed become a “dark tunnel” engulfing humanity, and the Circular Dialogue method and related tools appears as the “light at the end of the tunnel.” The Circular Dialogue method is designed to prepare humanity for its new global condition by applying the aptitudes of the human ego to a wider global view. Further, the global world, with all its accompanying new crises, actually presents fertile ground to activate the tools of the Circular Dialogue method for resolving the crises in our personal and social environments.

My work seeks to present the conceptual development of a systemic educational solution to the multifaceted global crisis, connecting the educational solution to its source within the wisdom of Kabbalah and other complementary approaches.

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