Tsunami Warning: Mental Health Pandemic Ahead!

Experts warn that the mental health tsunami beginning to hit us now will be even more long-term and devastating than COVID-19. A giant wall of stressors has washed over us leaving behind extreme psychological impacts. Using the Dialogue Circle, a technique has been developed where you can access the higher level collective consciousness needed to […]

Family Harmony — Like a Sack of Nuts

By being forced to spend far more time at home, the family necessarily spent time interacting with one another. It wasn’t easy at first, but we suddenly had to listen to each other more and to adjust ourselves to find a place for everyone’s needs…https://medium.com/@benzi.giertz/family-harmony-like-a-sack-of-nuts-43df2e1cc561

Slow Down and Take the Detour

We underwent a shift in our life priorities and it feels like we’ve been given a second chance at life, a new route has opened up. It is as if we have finally found the map and rulebook that points us in the right direction…https://medium.com/@benzi.giertz/slow-down-and-take-the-detour-344b65d2d08c

A Concern in One’s Heart

I want to share my personal practice for refining the troubled thoughts that pile up inside my mind during the day into gems of personal growth.  Correctly directed self-talk yields results that you can both feel and see, and by this we can know that we have found our way “outside” while still inside ourselves…https://medium.com/@benzi.giertz/a-concern-in-ones-heart-8f2ab30cd863

I am Sick with an Autoimmune Disease

Alone, I will never be able to cure myself and heal. However, with the power of our united intention, a healthy new life awaits us all.  Just like this virus will swallow up all the sick cells so that healthy cells can take their place to make up a new body, humanity can build a […]

Is the Pandemic and Lockdown a True Catastrophe or Tantalizing Opportunity?

The coronavirus pandemic has equalized us all and thrust us to the cusp of profound metamorphosis. Our pain has cleared our vision, softened our hearts, and led us to the verge of the largest evolutionary leap of our existence. Our collective timeout has placed the scales of choice firmly in our hands and we must […]

The Coronavirus Cure for a Hemmed-In Humanity

In balanced connection we can become a communication hub that operates for our benefit the sensitive complex system in which we live…

Finding Happiness When You Live a Fractured Fairytale

The Dialogue Circle tool takes you outside the two-dimensional frame of your life and opens your eyes to a new multidimensional and holistic view of reality where happiness is found. Here’s how to step outside the frame of reference that holds your happiness captive… https://medium.com/@benzi.giertz/finding-happiness-when-you-live-a-fractured-fairytale-72fc3f06f33d

5 Steps to High-Consciousness Love

How to Make High-Consciousness Love: Part Two   Here is your step by step guide for creating perpetual high-consciousness love in your couple relationship using the Dialogue Circle tool. This article is the practical application of the principles described in How to Make High-Consciousness Love: Part One.

How to Make High-Consciousness Love

 If love is so crucial to our happiness and purpose of life, why do we so often fail at it?  There are important things to understand about the process of love in your life.  And the good news is–there is a way to preserve and enhance love.  The Dialogue Circle allows you and your partner […]