Dr. Benzion Giertz

The Dialogue Circle

6 Applications of Circular Dialogue for Peak Performance

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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford

The greatest impediment to peak performance in any project or undertaking is dissonance and friction between competing parts that creates drag against forward momentum. When considering the smooth operation of a well-oiled machine, the need for precision harmony is obvious. The identical principle applies to achieving excellence toward any human goal.

The measure of individual excellence is found in the strength of the supporting team, and the power of the team to reach great heights is found within each individual member. The formula for peak performance individually and collectively can be derived through the application of the Circular Dialogue to the equation to draw the best out of participants for optimal individual and team performance.

While there are countless applications for the Dialogue Circle tool, the following types of challenges benefit tremendously from application of the technique:

  • Team building for family, work, classroom, and community.
  • Generating ideas for artistic creative expression or technical projects and campaigns.
  • Constructive discussion of complex or charged issues.
  • Inspiring commitment in relationships, family, work, community.
  • Problem solving, conflict resolution, and consensus building.
  • Exploration of educational themes or topics.

The Dialogue Circle formats the participants in ideal configurations to extract the best from each for the benefit of the goal, whether it is an individual goal or a group target. Using the unique structures of interaction that emerge through application of the Dialogue Circle tool to a goal, even apparent individual weaknesses invert into compounded strengths and personal strengths become positioned within the whole for maximum impact. In the inviolable space created in the center of the Dialogue Circle, the individual qualities of participants express themselves in their best light.

Like the twisting of a kaleidoscope, as team members get the knack of allowing each person to add their unique shine to the consecrated space of the Dialogue Circle, unimagined patterns and combinations take shape. This is accomplished by learning to listen to others, contribute to the collective, and perform with singular focus. Seemingly unsolvable problems that stand in the way of any goal in an endless variety of real-life applications can be smoothly resolved through optimal integration using the process of Circular Dialogue.

The Dialogue Circle technique discovers the shortest distance to consensus and unity through inversion of diversity and disparities into driving forces toward the target. When previous negative forces holding back progress invert to projecting forces toward the goal, individual and team performance is maximized.

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